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  • Want to listen to the wonderfully strong Hearbeat of our baby boy?
    Listen Here

  • Our first sonogram: 01/19/2006
    He was positioned such that the sonographer wasn't able to get a great shot of his face (I think he might be a little shy ;) ), but she was able to tell that he is a boy and we got to see him move around quite a bit. It was wonderful!

    Click the pictures to see the large versions.

    Here you can see his sweet little head on the right, his belly on the left, and his arm waving at you at the top.

    Here you can see his bottom at the top, his two little legs pointing diagonal to the left, and you can see that he's boy!

    Here you can see his head again on the right, a wonderful outline of his ribs on the left and his little hand at the top (look at those precious little fingers!).

    This last one is another head shot with his head on the left, belly on the right, and that sweet little arm at the top. If you look closely, I think that's the heart that you see just above and to the right of the dark circle on his belly.